Have you ever wished you had a secret weapon?

Something that you kept quiet about. Something that made a noticeable difference in your life, your business and that others wondered about. Something that made you stand out from the crowd, made you work smarter, stay focused and to make more by doing less?

I wish I had that when I was growing and building my businesses over the years.

I wish I had a secret weapon.

I look back now and can see all the mistakes that I made. How I got the timing wrong or the JV wrong or the wording (or intent) of a contract wrong and how these little things cost me in some cases millions of dollars.

It would have been so amazing to have been able to pick up the phone and call someone and say “hey, what do you think about this?”

Behind the Scenes is the secret weapon.

It’s a boutique and exclusive service for inspired entrepreneurs wanting to grow their business.

It’s about helping Founders and CEO’s that want to make a difference in the world, their life and the lives of others by growing their business and becoming financially independent so that they can go on and do the things in their life that they really want to do.

We don’t help everyone.

We are very selective as we are living the life that we want. We live in the country on a farm with our young children. We only take on projects and work with people that share similar values and ideals such as making a positive difference in the world, having meaning and purpose in your life, leaving a small environmental footprint on the planet, helping others, sharing, caring and giving back.

We have combined more than 50 years’ experience in business and have just about seen it all!

We have seen some of the most dramatic, fantastic and fastest changes in history. We have built and sold multiple businesses during this time in areas as diverse as motels, retail clothing, real estate, financial planning, finance, catering, event management, marketing, advertising, film production, television, radio, internet marketing, education, training and personal development and the list goes on …

If you want a highly experienced and exclusive team, and you are serious about growing your business and making a noticeable difference in the world, then you need a secret weapon working with you …

Behind the Scenes.